Your Body's Personal Guards

Human body has a powerful “PERSONAL ARMY” and this personal army is called IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The efficacy of the immune system is impacted by a number of factors such as diet, physical activity, sleep and stress.

Our immune system is in a battle every day and we are protected by a coordinated defence. It acts as our body’s defence force against disease-causing bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that we touch, ingest and inhale every day. These harmful substances could make us ill.

Immune health enhances quality of life for people of every age. The options of immune health support in the market are vast. When it comes to naturally boosting the immune system by optimising its response to diseases and infections.

The Brilliant Norwegian Biotechnology

The premium lifestyle supplement, IMGARD uses M-Gard® which is a baker’s yeast beta-1,3/1,6-glucan. M-Gard® is the outcome of first-class scientific efforts combining with extremely rigorous Norwegian quality standards.

Designed to improve immune system and overall wellbeing, having IMGARD every day will guard your health against pathogens. It improves respiratory health, helping the body to naturally defend prior to respiratory virus infections. It also promotes healthy inflammatory responses in our body.

IMGARD’s formula includes resveratrol and vitamin C. Resveratrol which is extracted from yeast is patented and best known for its anti-aging properties as well as its ability to promote brain health while vitamin C is an essential vitamin that helps in supporting antioxidant activity in our body.

A significant synergistic effect exerts when beta-1,3/1,6-glucan is combined with resveratrol and vitamin C.

This combination is powerful as it strongly stimulates our immune reactions, providing us a superior support that our everyday immune system needs.

Immunity is the ultimate luxury during these times. IMGARD is an effective supplement that keeps our defences “alert” for infection. It trains the body’s immune cells to react more quickly and fight its possible invasion when pathogen is detected.

The innovative IMGARD is backed by science and life experience for optimal performance. Our formulations are developed by experts from new innovative active ingredients at optimal concentration.

We ensure quality products because your health deserves the best.

Beta-glucan has been present for thousands of years in the diet of human because of its ability to in improving digestive health. It can be found naturally in a variety of food including oats, barley, wheat, seaweed as well as many types of microorganisms. When it comes to immune health benefits, not all beta-glucans are equal.

Yeast Beta - Glucan :

Not just for Baking

Yeast is a vital ingredient in bread, beer and other range of food. Unlike other beta-glucans, yeast beta-glucan, with the unique molecular structure beta-1,3/1,6-glucan, is the only beta-glucan that supports immune function and helps body to fight against pathogens. It increases a person’s energy and offers additional health benefits.

M-Gard® is extracted from the cell wall of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast. It is a unique and powerful way to stimulate immune response and positively impact the inflammatory.

Barriers to Pathogens


The FIRST LEVEL includes our natural barriers like skin and it turns away many foreign intruders.

If an invader gets through, the SECOND LEVEL is an innate response. The innate immune system is the front line of the immunity arsenal. The receptors on these immune cells sense invaders and ingest or absorb them.

Finally, the THIRD LEVEL activates our antibodies through the adaptive immune response.

The roles of


naturally supports overall immune function


protects against viruses and bacteria


promotes healthy inflammatory responses


defenses respiratory infection and relieves colds


reduces seasonal allergy symptoms

The elite IMGARD is the modern wellness essential. A healthy immune system protects us from our everyday encounters of pathogens. IMGARD is the perfect immunity booster to strengthen our immune system and keep pathogens away. It comes in powder form packed in sachets.

Simply add a sachet of IMGARD to your everyday food, beverages or supplement of choice.

Reoxlife Imgard's Data

Increased number of lymphocytes

The administration with or without beta-glucan for a week and the numbers of lymphocytes yielded by the intestines and liver were compared. The number of lymphocytes in the intestine was elevated up to fourfold by the administration of beta-glucan in comparison with control mice.

Figure 3 The number of lymphocytes yielded by the intestine and liver of mice administered with or without beta-glucan. IEL were obtained from the small intestine.

Increased saliva IgA concentration

Subjects were provided a saliva sample prior to supplementation with either placebo or beta-glucan. After 10 days of supplementation, subjects provided a second resting saliva sample.

Additional saliva samples were collected immediately and 2-hr postexercise. A significant reduction in salivary IgA after exercise in the placebo condition at POST and 2H, which is the typical exercise response. The beta-glucan condition demonstrated a statistically significant increase in salivary IgA at 2H.

Figure 4 IgA concentration in saliva of subjects. The “*” indicates greater than placebo (p < .05)

Reduced incidence of cold

Incidence of cold has reduced by consuming M-Gard®. This shows that M-Gard® helps to support immune system, defends the body against pathogens and reduce the incidence of infection by caring for respiratory health.

Another study showed the number of upper respiratory symptoms. Subjects were orally administered placebo or 250mg beta-glucan containing supplement daily for 12 weeks. The beta-glucan group reported fewer upper respiratory symptoms at each week (range 4-9 symptoms per week) and across all weeks (19 total) vs the placebo group (range 7-12 symptoms per week and 30 in total).

Figure 5 Number of common cold infections during a 16-week yeast beta-glucan or placebo supplementation

Reduce asthma

Beta glucan is able to modulate allergic sensitisation and having a beneficial action in restoring Th2 function. In the figure below, there was an improvement in wheezing (p = 0.022), day coughing (p = 0.018), nocturnal coughing (p = 0.044) and there was no significant decrease in Salbutamol Sulphate rescue use (p = 0.722).

Figure 8 Mean diary symptom score of the fourth week of run-in period and the 12-week of beta-glucan administration

Net Weight:

60 sachets X 2g


Maltodextrin, M-Gard® (beta-glucan), Ascorbic Acid, Yeast extract, Tricalcium Phosphate

Consumption Method:

Mix 1-2 sachet per day with 200ml of room temperature water. Simply add a sachet of IMGARD to your every food, beverages or supplement of choice.

Suitable for:

Age 12 and above


  1. Can REOXlife IMGard be taken for a specific disease?

    REOXlife IMGard supports the critical functioning of your immune system by modulating your immune cells that are part of the innate immune system. This means that REOXlife IMGard does not fight a specific disease directly, but rather it enhances your vital disease fighter (your immune system).

  2. Can I take REOXlife IMGard together with Mediterranean Gold PLUS and Potent?

    Yes. REOXlife IMGard is the perfect immunity booster to strengthen immune system and keep pathogens away.

  3. What is the difference between REOXlife IMGard and REOXlife Potent?

    REOXlife IMGard is designed to improve immune system and overall wellbeing. REOXlife IMGard is an effective supplement that keeps our defences “alert” for infection. It trains the body’s immune cells to react more quickly and fight its possible invasion when pathogen is detected. Whereas REOXlife Potent contains powerful antioxidants to defense against free radical. It scavenges free radical and protects cells from oxidative stress, thus improving overall health.

  4. Does REOXlife IMGard contains MMNT?

    REOXlife IMGard does not contain MMNT.

  5. What is REOXlife IMGard?

    REOXlife IMGARD is a health supplement formulated with M-GARD® (beta-1,3/1,6-glucan), Yeast extract (Resveratrol) and Vitamin C, designing to improve immune system and overall health.

  6. What is M-GARD®?

    M-GARD® is a purified bioactive beta-1,3/1,6-glucan extracted from the cell wall of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast. It helps body to fight against pathogens, support immune function and positively impact the inflammatory response.

  7. Is REOXlife IMGard suitable for vegans?


  8. Is REOXlife IMGard suitable for pregnant women?

    We recommend pregnant women to consult their physician or health care providers before taking any supplement, including REOXlife IMGard.

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