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Loh • Johor

Sunburn recover within a week

My body had a sunburn due to going to beach without applying any sunburn product. Thanks for Potent that it help me found back my fairy skin after 1 week consume with daily 1 sachet.


Chua • Sabah

Good product

Potent is a very super product that help in fighting inflammation. When there is a fever, two sachets of potent will ease a lot, and fever is gone. This is convenient.


Hui San • Sarawak

Taste can be improve

First try on this products, not really sure how it protect. However, it taste okay when I mix with my medigold until a day I try to eat it alone, then only I realise it taste so bitter and smell really not so good...


James Lim • Pulau Pinang


I took this products with medigold plus and imgard. During this C19 period, we really need this to avoid the C19, as long as we booster up our immune system, we can avoid C19. Highly recommend to everyone.


Hui ching • Melaka

Great product

The potent anti oxidant supplement comes in individual sachets makes it very convenient during travelling. I mix with Mediterranean gold and super like the taste.

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