After DETOX 215, you will definitely notice an improvement in your overall health. DETOX 215 helps to eliminate toxins from the body, lighten the digestive burden so that it can rest, repair and restore its function. In addition, this detoxification plan also enhances nutrient absorption and improve overall health.


Immune system plays an important role in keeping the damaging effects of inflammation and oxidative stress at low level. Having a health-promoting diet and lifestyle are the keys to reduce inflammation. Diet contains high antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables help to keep inflammation and damage from free radicals at bay.

Healthy and Damaged Cells

All the cells in the body are either perfectly healthy, or has been damaged. Only healthy cells can form healthy tissues, healthy organs and a healthy organism, and therefore must be protected. Damaged cells, meanwhile, must be repaired. A group of damaged cells affect the function of tissue, impair organ function and is one of the pathways to develop diseases.



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Reoxlife Mediterranean Gold Plus

Mediterranean Gold Plus is inspired by the Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest and most highly-recommended diets in the world. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to improve health conditions such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Mediterranean Gold Plus comes with ground-breaking formulation – LePheno®, extensively researched, created, and produced exclusively for Return Legacy in collaboration with Fytexia.

Mediterranean Gold Plus helps enhance the self-production of antioxidant enzyme known as superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a supremely powerful antioxidant found in cells. It is part of the body’s first line of defence against free radicals. Thus, it helps prevent damage done to tissues while also shielding healthy cells from damages. It decelerates the aging process, strengthens the immune system, and reduces oxidative stress.

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Reoxlife Potent

Reoxlife Potent is loaded to the brim with antioxidants. It contains Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology MMNT®, a technology which stabilizes negative hydrogen ions. Negative hydrogen ion is the smallest and a powerful antioxidant to keep cells protected from oxidative damage.

It also contains cantaloupe extract which is a rich source of antioxidant enzymes. To maximise its absorption, wheat protein extract is added to protect the antioxidants enzymes from stomach acid and enhance its absorption in intestines.

Reoxlife Potent contains antioxidants which fight against free radicals and reduce the amount of damage they cause. It reduces inflammation in the body and thus helps to heal cells which have been damaged by the inflammation.



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Sian Eng • Sabah

Amazing and effectives product.

I feel my pores faded and my wrinkles become less after taking 1 set of immune 30. The results is so significant. I can feel more energetic after every sachet the whole day. My hair drop and nails condition getting better.


lorraine • Sarawak




Ti Tat Wei • Pahang


接触这个保健品时,是因为我的脚有段时间长肿痛,朋友就介绍我喝Mediterranean gold,喝了一盒以后,意外发现了我的精神也变好了,没有像之前那样,每天都没什么精神,感觉疲倦。之后我再接触了potent这个产品,配合Mediterranean gold 来喝,感觉更好了,皮肤也觉得有不一样,会继续服用的。


teong siau lan • Melaka


我本身吃了medigold 和 potent 有2年多了。我发现到自己越来越少伤风感冒了。以前呢我是容易伤风流鼻水那种的,严重就会伴随咳嗽发烧,由其靠近农历新年时。现在呢一年里都好像没有再感冒伤风了!真的帮助我提升免疫力。




偶尔我会面对工作太累,天气炎热或生理期时带来的头痛。如果开始觉得不舒服时我没有吃药, 它就会越来越难受。所以让我不能打起精神而必须躺着休息,有时甚至有想要呕吐的感觉。这样的情况,我都必须吃Panadol来舒缓,不然真的很难受。 买了Immune 30配套后,有次头痛又来了,而我不想每次都依靠药来解决问题,所以就尝试把Medi Gold和Potent一起冲泡来服用。结果出乎意料地好,我都头痛问题解决了。所以从那个时候开始,只要不舒服,我这样服用。 到现在已经有3, 4次不须要吃药只靠Medi Gold和Potent就能舒缓我的头痛。实在是太棒了。



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